Monday, April 30, 2007

Internet Radio Equality Act

Call the offices of The. Hon. Representative Darlene Hooley at 202-225-5711 and let her know that you want her to sponsor HR 2060, The Internet Radio Equality Act, which:
1. Cancels the Copyright Royalty Board decision which would make web radio stations pay as much as 30 times more for the same music satellite radio gets, for much less. The bill sets royalty rates at 7.5% of revenues – the same rate that satellite radio pays – for 2006-2010; and
2. Change the rate-setting standard currently used by the CRB to determine Internet radio royalties, and substitute the standard that applies to most other statutory licenses, including satellite radio, jukeboxes and sound recording.

It's only fair, and without some equity, Internet Radio will crash and burn. I know I sure can't find Cape Breton folk music on the road, any other way, and I'm sure you can think of moments where the right music was a balm unto your soul.

More details here.