Monday, July 09, 2007

HELP: How do you pick a feline cardiologist?

3 y.o. DSH/Scottish Fold ('straight fold'), 5.5 kilos, energetic and outgoing.

Fast Eddie was taken to vet for bolting his kibble (behavioural issue; why, well, you'd have to ask him, as he is Top Cat in the household, dominant over a 10 y.o. Scottish Fold and a 3 y.o. Flame Point Siamese longhaired tub-o'-lard).

Vet observed a heart murmor, rated slighly over 3 on a scale of 1 to 6. Radiographs and bloodwork due back tomorrow, cardiomyopathy or hyperthyroid likely causes.

So, how do you pick a feline cardiologist? The closest vet schools are OSU in Corvallis, WSU in Pullman and UC Davis, but Portland Magazine does not profile vets like they do MDs.

Open for comments, via K7AAY ayt ARRL daht NET

Friday, July 06, 2007

Biodiesel B99 and E85 Ethanol get state tax credits

Beginning 1 Oct 2007, Oregonians get a 24 cents per gallon income tax credit for B99 biodiesel, which we use in the Jeep, as per Oregon House Bill 2210.

If we had an E85-capable car, that same income tax credit would apply to it, and there's also a five cents per gallon credit for biodiesel used in home heating systems. (Biodiesel can be used in just about any home oil furnace, although it's a good solvent and will knock loose a lot of crud which may cause problems... and it doesn't smell like dead dinosaurs when you heat your house. Kewl.)

There's a cap of $200 per taxpayer for the credit, which I will surely reach in a full year's time. Figure 20 gallons a week, 52 weeks in a year and $3.37/gallon right now for B99 at Jay's Garage or Bluesky Fuel vs an effective $3.13/gallon after the rebate, and I'd see a $250 rebate if not capped.

20 GAL/WK * 52 WK/YR * $0.24/GAL = $249.60

Hmm. Better buy a logging program for the smartphone, and a backup paper logbook.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Calendar of Public Meetings, July 2007

Calendar of Public Meetings
July 2007
(Meeting times and places may change so data should be confirmed in advance.)

Every Sunday
9:30 AM - 2:30 PM Milwaukie Sunday Farmers’ Market in downtown Milwaukie.

Tuesday the 3rd
11:15 AM I-205 Light Rail Ground Breaking at Clackamas Town Center.

Wednesday the 4th
Happy 4th of July. Go read the Bill of Rights!

Thursday the 5th
9:00 AM Land Use Hearing @ SSC/Sunnybrook Service Center, 9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd.
No Board of Commissioner Hearing.
3:00 PM Code Compliance Hearing at SSC.

Monday the 9th
6:30 PM Planning Commission meeting at SSC (possible).

Tuesday the 10th
8:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
6:30 PM Oak Lodge Sanitary monthly Board meeting at Board offices.

Wednesday the 11th
7:00 PM CIA meeting at Rose Villa 13505 SE River Rd.
Discussion of Transit and Transportation as a Community Value.

Thursday the 12th
10:00 AM Board of Commissioner Hearing at Public Service Building, Kaen Road, Oregon City.
7:00 PM North Clackamas School Board meets in Board offices.
7:00 PM Historic Review Board meets at SSC.

Tuesday the 17th
8:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
7:00 PM Oak Lodge Water District Board meeting at District offices on River Road.
7:00 PM County Committee for Citizen Involvement meets at PSB.

Wednesday the 18th
6:30 PM CCSD#1 Wastewater study committee meets at SSC.

Thursday the 19th
9:00 AM Land Use Hearing at Sunnybrook Service Center (SSC).
No Board of Commissioner Hearing at PSB.

Monday the 23rd
6:30 PM Planning Commission meeting at SSC.
7:00 PM Fire District No. 1 Board meets at Mt. Scott Fire Station.

Tuesday the 24th
8:00 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
5:30 PM NCCWC meets at plant on Clackamas River Dr.
6:00 PM North Clackamas Parks and Rec District Advisory Board meets with the BCC in a joint meeting at Happy Valley Park.
7:00 PM Jennings Lodge CPO meets at Homewoods Heights.

Wednesday the 25th
4:00 PM North Clackamas Park Stewardship Committee meets at the Milwaukie Center.
7:00 PM Oak Lodge Community Council meets at OLSD offices.

Thursday the 26th
10:00 AM Board of Commissioner Hearing at PSB.

Monday the 30th
2:00 PM BCC Planning meeting on Historic Preservation PSB Room 255.

Tuesday the 31st
8:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.