Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Public interview of candidates for County Administrator

A note from the chair of the Oak Lodge Community Council:

Dear Members and Friends of the Oak Lodge Community Council -

Below is a message cut and pasted from the County regarding the hiring process for our new County Administrator.

This is a critical position that affects us all. Please attend the Monday evening event if at all possible.

I have been invited to be one of interviewers for the candidates.

And a reminder that our regular monthly meeting is tomorrow night, Wednesday the 2nd, from 7 to 9 pm in Fellowship Hall at Rose Villa on River Road. Hope to see you there.

Eleanore, Chair
Oak Lodge Community Council

Clackamas County is nearing its completion of a nationwide search for a County Administrator. The county administrator manages the employees and activities of the county by implementing the policies and goals of the Board of County Commissioners.

Members of the public and citizens of Clackamas County are invited to meet the candidates for this important job over coffee Monday, December 7 at the Abernethy Center, 606 15th St. in Oregon City, from 5 to 7 p.m.

The candidates who will be attending are:
· Grace Crunican, director of Seattle’s transportation department, former director of Oregon’s Department of Transportation.
· Christopher Beschler, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Operations for the city of Richmond, Virginia.
· Duncan Ballantyne, County Administrator of Martin County, Florida (ed. note: An area of severe economic contraction, where food stamp use has doubled in two years, as per
this map from the NYT).

Steve Wheeler, interim county administrator for Clackamas County, is also in consideration for the job but will not be in attendance.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet these exceptionally qualified candidates and to offer your feedback and perspective on who will be our next county administrator.