Monday, January 30, 2006

[National] The Worst Case Scenario: Is America Ready For A Nuclear Terrorist Attack?

And, the answer from the Bush Administration, as you will read from the latest Sixty Minutes story below, is obviously, "We don't care."

(CBS) We can no longer ignore the worst-case scenario of a nuclear terrorist attack on an American city. Osama bin Laden has made it clear he wants to obtain nuclear weapons and use them against us.

The 9/11 Commission considers such an attack the No. 1 threat today, not because it’s the most likely disaster scenario, but because it would be the most devastating. The chairman of the 9/11 Commission even says he expects to see such an attack on an American city in his lifetime.

Hundreds of thousand of people could die in a nuclear attack, but hundreds of thousands of others could be saved. That’s because the Pentagon — after decades of searching — believes it has found a drug to treat radiation exposure. Why isn’t that drug available?

Correspondent Ed Bradley reports. (Story follows: Click here or on COMMENTS, below).

[Civitas] Oak Grove Sanitary Wants You!

Richard Jones passed on news of a vacancy on the board of the Oak Grove Sanitary District, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the District's Administration Building at 14611 SE River Road.

Hi There,

This e-mail is aimed at Oak Lodge Sanitary District residents. Attached is an application for Oak Lodge Sanitary District Master Plan Advisory Committee.
January 31st (Tuesday) is the final time for returning the application.

Becoming involved early is important because early involvement increases the likelihood your ideas will be included.

Have a great day,

Dick J

Filling these seats with people who actually do their homework and think is important to keeping the quality of services up, while keeping the gost of government and its impact upon us, low. Failure to do that the last time could have been expensive. Here's an application form in PDF form.

Monday, January 02, 2006

[Farvernügen] Choosing the safer car

Electronic Stability Control (ESC and other acronyms) has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of accidents.

Since the best way to avoid an accident is not to have one, ESC is a good idea. So, I cross-referenced 2004-2006 vehicles which had ESC against NCAP crash test ratings, and filtered out the vehicles which had only a 3-star or lower crash test rating.

Click here for the results.