Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ballot Measure 3-164: End Oak Grove/Milwaukie sewage treatment, pump it all to Oregon City

Todays's Oregonian describes May's Ballot Measure 3-164, intended to lower sewage treatment costs by a yet incomplete plan to (courtesy the Oregonian):
close Oak Lodge's plant as well as the Kellogg Creek treatment plant in Milwaukie. All the sewage would be sent to the newer Tri-City Service District plant in Oregon City.

The plan calls for expanding the Tri-City plant and building a new sewage delivery pipeline from Milwaukie to Oregon City. County officials want to build the pipeline beneath the proposed Trolley Trail between Milwaukie and Gladstone to get both projects done in one construction job. Trolley Trail work is expected to begin in 2006.{snip}

Ballots are scheduled to be mailed to Oak Lodge voters Friday.
Unfortunately, there's nothing at the County elections web site about this mesaure (although it has improved greatly since last visiting it in November). It should be noted they're not required by law to post anything about ballot measures.

Also, there's nothing directly about the election at the site for the Oak Lodge Sanitary District, although the seminal studies are available for download there. If you feel directly adddressing the ballot mesasure on line is a good idea, you may call them at (503) 653-1653 to ask.

I will be happy to provide a forum here for well-tempered discussion of the issues for all sides.

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