Friday, February 25, 2005

Ballot Measure 3-164, continued

Here's an overview from the Oregonian Wednesday, and several responses in Thursday's Op-Ed pages, as well as my earlier posting.

One thing sure smells funny in the Oregonian story: The district's pre-screening of public information only to the rich.
Critics and a board member said the district's recent practice of charging fees in advance -- in one case more than $1,100 -- before processing public records requests discourages people from seeking information.

The interest in Oak Lodge's public records is linked to a March 8 election to decide whether the district will merge with Clackamas County's wastewater treatment system. Opponents of consolidation are seeking more information about the proposal and how much Oak Lodge has spent on the effort.
One thing's clear to me: If you hide something behind a wall of fees, it may be worth hiding. Maybe we could ask the District to re-read John 3:20-21, then reconsider the fees?

Remember, as Spike said in Buffy 6:19, "Change happens... if you make it."

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