Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Agenda, Oak Lodge Community Council meeting tonight

Oak Lodge Community Council
June 27, 2007
Oak Lodge Sanitary office

Oak Grove, Oregon

7:00 PM -- Call to Order: Dick Jones, Chairperson

ROLL CALL: Roland Atkinson, Bill Bader, Catherine Blosser, Bill Brown, Wilma Brown, Frank Budwill, Jane Civiletti, Sue Conachan, Edith Coulter, Rosemary Crites, George Dietz, Lynn Fisher, Jerry Foy, Bryn Gillem, Chuck Gode, Mike Grant, Milo Haas, Thelma Haggenmiller, Eleanore Hunter, David Jelinek, Dick Jones, Jim Knapp, Alan Koch, Gloria Koch, Elinor Kuhns, Bill Neels, Elaine Neels, Chuck Petersen, Margaret Pritchard, Paul Savas, Henry Schmidt, George Schneider, Eugene Schoenheit, Eric Shawn, Susan Shawn, Kent Squires, Julie Stanley, Blair Stephens, Charlie Stephens, Dr. Elton Storment, Bob Waldt, Leonard Waldemar, Joanne Weaver, Roy Wikman and Doug Woods.

7:02 PM – Introduction of Attendees

Name, area of residence and position in the Oak Lodge Community Council, if applicable.

7:05 PM – Council Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Sue Conachan

Minutes from May 23, 2007 for approval

7:10 PM Sheriff’s Report – Lt. Chuck Slaney

7:15 PM – Special Presentation – South Corridor Light Rail

7:50 PM - District Reports:

Bill Stewart, Urban Livability and Crime

Clackamas County Fire District #1 – Scott Weninger

Oak Lodge Water District – Jim Knapp

Oak Lodge Sanitary District – Kent Squires

Clackamas County Service District CAC – Jim Knapp

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8:10 PM – Land Use Issues for Voting

Introduction of procedures by Chairperson. Eligibility for Voting, Time Limits, presentations by those in favor, the Council’s on-site review and those opposed.

Z0373-07, Z0374-07-Z This is an 8-lot subdivision request and a zone change request from R-10 to R-8.5. It contains 2.0 acres and is located at 3201 SE Westview Ave. The area is zoned R-10.

Z0406-07, Z0407-07-V This is a request to partition a property into three parcels with an existing house on one parcel. It is .85 acres at 3823 Aldercrest Rd. It is zoned R10. Additionally the applicant requests a variance for the front setback from 20 feet to 16 feet.

Z0416-07 This is request partition into two parcels a lot containing two existing dwellings. The parcel is .7 acres and is zoned R-8.5 at 3845 SE Spaulding Ave.

Update on Land Use Applications:

Z1024-05 This was a request by the applicant for the Hearings officer to make a decision on a five lot subdivision. This is located at 4610 Whipple Ave. This site contains .84 acres and is zoned R-7. The staff recommended denial because of possible landslide issues. The applicant has two weeks to demonstrate the property is not landslide prone. Other issues continue to be problems as well include sidewalks and stormwater issues.

Update on the Bike/Ped proposal.

8:40 PM General Matters for Discussion

Sexual Predator update: See the attached sheets outlining two new offenders.

Trolley Trail update- Thelma Haggenmiller


Council meetings:

July 25, 2007 August 22, 2007 September 26, 2007

OLCC/CIA at Rose Villa unless otherwise noted.

July 11, 2007 August 8, 2007 September 12, 2007

Special meetings, if required to vote on land use issues, will be held in conjunction with the monthly CIA meeting normally on the second Wednesday of each month.

9:00 PM – Meeting Adjourned meeting tonight

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oak Lodge Community Council on Wednesday

Wednesday June 27th is the Oak Lodge Community Council meeting. It will meet at 7:00 PM, in the regular location, the Administration Building of the Oak Lodge Sanitary District at 14611 SE River Road.

A half hour discussion of the Light Rail issue from Clackamas County’s Transportation group, with Metro and TriMet personnel, is planned, plus a number of Land Use applications.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oak Grove | Calendar of Public Meetings | June 2007

Calendar of Public Meetings
June 2007

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM Milwaukie Farmers’ Market in downtown Milwaukie.

Monday the 4th

6:00 PM Fire District No. 1 Board meets at Mt. Scott Fire Station.
6:30 PM Planning Commission meeting at the Sunnybrook Service Center to discuss changes to the Essential Ped. Network.

Tuesday the 5th
9:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.

Wednesday the 6th
7:00 PM Traffic Safety Commission meets at SSC.

Thursday the 7th
9:00 AM Land Use Hearing at Sunnybrook Service Center (SSC).
1:30 PM Homeless Planning PSB..
6:45 PM C-4 meets at SSC.

Monday the 11th
6:00 PM Harmony Rd. Project Advisory Committee meets at OIT.

Tuesday the 12th
7:30 AM County’s Green Ribbon Committee meets at SSC.
9:00 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
6:30 PM Oak Lodge Sanitary monthly Board meeting at Board offices.

Wednesday the 13th
7:00 PM CIA meets at Rose Villa 13505 SE River Rd. Discussion of Hamlets and Villages with Christine Roth.

Thursday the 14th
10:00 AM Board of Commissioner Hearing at PSB.
6:00 PM North Clackamas Parks and Rec District Advisory Board meets at Happy Valley City Hall.
7:00 PM NC12 School board meets in Board offices.
7:00 PM Historic Review Board meets at SSC.

Monday the 18th

7:00 PM Fire District No. 1 Board meets at Mt. Scott Fire Station.

Tuesday the 19th
8:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
7:00 PM Oak Lodge Water District Board meeting at District offices.
7:00 PM Committee for Citizen Involvement meets at the PSB.

Wednesday the 20th
9:30 AM Board of Commissioner’s Land Use Hearing in Board Hearing room at PSB. This Hearing will hear actions on the Essential Ped. Network from the Planning Commission of June 4th.
6:30 PM CCSD#1 Wastewater study committee meets at SSC.

Thursday the 21st
9:00 AM Land Use Hearing at Sunnybrook Service Center (SSC).
10:00 AM Board of Commissioner Hearing at PSB.
7:00 PM NC12 School board meets in Board offices.

Monday the 25th
6:00 PM Harmony Rd. Project-Community Workshop at OIT.
6:30 PM Planning Commission meets at SSC.

Tuesday the 26th
8:30 AM Board of Commissioners Study session at Board offices.
1:30 PM County’s Long-term Visioning meets at PSB room 255.
7:00 PM Jennings Lodge CPO meets at Homewoods Heights.

Wednesday the 27th
9:00 AM Green Ribbon Draft Report meeting in BCC offices.
4:00 PM North Clackamas Park Stewardship Committee meets at the Milwaukie Center.
7:00 PM Oak Lodge Community Council meets at OLSD offices.

Thursday the 28th
9:00 AM Land Use Hearing at Sunnybrook Service Center (SSC).
10:00 AM Board of Commissioner Hearing at PSB.

Friday the 29th
8:30 AM C-4 Summer Retreat at Museum of the Oregon Territory.

Note meeting times and places may change so data should be confirmed in advance.