Friday, December 26, 2008

State law on ID with checks, credit card rules

Here's a handy link to the section of Oregon's Revised Statutes which explains what a merchant can do when you pay by check.

Also, merchants are contractually obligated not to refuse a sale by credit card without ID.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lime-lit Democracy

Sodium floodlights illume voters queued up in the rain, to drop off their ballots at the Multnomah Co. Elections office at Morrison & SE 11th in Portland, OR, the day before the election at 6PM. That's dedication in democracy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Worst restaurants of Milwaukie, Oak Grove and Gladstone

I've also been the victim of gut-busting, agonizing pain from food poisoning so bad I spent three days in hospital. Think about these eateries and their inspection scores, and then consider, the next time you visit them, asking what they've done to make sure they ace the inspection next time. explains how the rating system works. Critical issues cost 4 or 5 points, whereas lesser failures to protect your health only 1 or 2 points. Points for repeat offenses of both kinds are doubled. Italicized results below are the result of a complaint to the health department (503-655-8384) and the subsequent inspection.

You can click on the title of this post for an updated list of restaurants and scores, or get scores for any other food service establishment in the county.

And, now for the Hall of Shame:

Score Restaurant

70 Dragon Inn Rest. 14411 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-9686 02/14
77 Chan's Steakery 10477 SE Main St 503-653-2709 12/17
77 Domenic's Bar & Grill 16065 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-6969 11/06
79 Chopsticks Express I 10801 SE Main St #0 503-659-2950 05/13


Panda Buffet

16251 SE Mcloughlin


82 Tartan & Thistle 11050 SE 21st 503-657-1507 11/19
82 Winchells Donuts 19500 Mcloughlin 503-657-3197 01/16
83 Chan's Garden Rest. 14790 SE Webster Rd 503-652-2828 11/19
85 Casa De Tamales 10605 SE Main St 503-654-4423 02/26
85 Dolphin Seafood Rest. 17180 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-9366 02/14
85 Mai Wah Rest. 18088 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-0323 05/13
85 Oak Grove Bar & Grill 2099 SE Oak Grove Blvd 503-654-6343 12/10
85 Panaderia Cinco De Mayo 2 17419 SE Mcloughlin 503-998-2960 12/18
85 Super Burrito Express 10546 SE 42nd 503-786-9370 05/13
85 Hong Kong 97 17405 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-3336 04/08
86 Arrivederci Wine & Gifts 17025 SE Mcloughlin 503-781-3873 04/22
86 Porterhouse Rest & Par Lng 14611 SE Mcloughlin 503-794-9450 05/13
86 Soy Grill 20010 Mc Loughlin Blvd 503-655-5780 03/24
87 El Tapatio Rest. 15192 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-8654 03/17
87 Int'l Hse o'Pancakes 681 14617 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-2710 03/17
87 McGrath's Publ Fish Hse 11050 SE Oak St 503-653-8070 05/13
88 Hartwell's 10608 SE Main St 503-387-5866 05
88 Lew's Drive Inn 14911 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-6648 03/17
88 Wichita Pub 6106 SE King Rd 503-654-4201 04/18
89 Brew Bar & Grill 10933 SE Main Street 503-653-6369 12/19
89 Buster's TX Style B-B-Q 17883 E Mcloughlin 503-652-1076 05/09
89 Chang's Mongolian Grill 18925 SE Mcloughlin 503-655-2323 05/08
89 Gaffers Pub 18515 Webster Rd 503-516-5295 03/16
89 Kwang Chow Rest. 7980 SE King Rd 503-659-1160 12/26
89 Mekong Thai Cuisine 10880 SE Mcloughlin 503-594-2888 12/05
89 Stanley's Corner 19905 SE Mcloughlin 503-655-5544 04/23
89 Subway #10335 19516 SE Mcloughlin 503-803-4923 01/16
89 Wind Horse Coff & Tea 10611 SE Main St 503-659-1000 02/25
90 High Rocks Pub
915 E Arlington 503-656-1111 04/13
90 Mike's Drive In 3045 SE Harrison St 503-654-0131 04/28
90 Sharis Rest. 11030 SE Oak St 503-652-4035 03/31
90 Taco Bell #4088 11000 SE Oak St 503-659-2960 02/19
91 Elk Rock Bar & Grill 14211 SE Mcloughlin 503-786-0410 04/17
91 Historic Broetje House 3101 SE Courtney 503-659-8860 04/22
91 Imperial Garden Rest. 15350 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-1280 03/17
91 Pizza Schmizza 14624 & Sstreet & 503-496-0873 04/28
91 Ranch Tavern 18601 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-9152 02/25
91 Stuart Anderson's Cattle Co 16323 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-2700 12/17
91 Vogies Bar, Llc 464 Portland Ave 503-657-3626 03/16
92 Gladstone Card Room 420 Portland Ave 503-657-1977 03/16
92 Kentucky Fried Chik313 14715 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-2580 02/14
92 Mi Pueblo 10543 SE Fuller Rd 503-653-4194 05/08
92 Quizno's 10983 SE Oak St #107 503-594-2118 04/24
92 River Road House Pub 11921 SE 22nd 503-653-5885 12/27
92 Roake's 18103 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-7075 03/17
93 Big Town Hero 4630 SE Int'l. Wy #201 503-652-5428 04/24
93 Dominos Pizza - McLouglin 15117 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-4950 04/29
93 Foxy's 11094 SE Main St 503-654-8800 01/15
93 G-G's Rest. 15717 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-5553 04/18
93 Healing Place Cafe 10330 SE 32nd Ave 503-513-8342 02/06
93 Lacey's Bomber Inn 13515 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-9306 12/05
93 Libbeys Rest. 11056 SE Main St 503-653-2044 03/13
93 Maddy's 18080 SE Mcloughlin 503-786-4761 01/10
93 Oak Grove Cinemas 16100 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-3511 02/14
93 Wendy's - Milwaukie 17217 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-2472 04/08
93 Wongs Garden 10820 SE Oak St 503-794-2879 12/17
94 Amadeus Manor 2122 SE Sparrow St 503-659-1735 11/29
94 Cha Cha Cha Mexican Taqr 11008 SE Main St 503-659-2193 02/26
94 Econolodge 17330 SE Mc Loughlin 503-654-2222 05/14
94 Gladstone Lanes 20100 SE Mcloughlin 503-656-4266 02/20
94 Got Curry 2818 SE Park Ave 503-652-4050 12/31
94 Little Caesar's Pizza 17038 SE Mcloughlin 971-570-2504 02/14
94 Pogys #3 17185 SE Mcloughlin #h 503-652-0120 02/25
94 Red Brick Pizza 10843 SE Oak St Suite 106 503-702-7422 05/06
94 Tonys Bistro 6400 SE Lake Rd #101 503-353-8900 11/27
95 Amer Legion Post #180 2146 SE Monroe 503-659-1300 12/28
95 Da Vinci's Italiano Ristorante 12615 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-3547 05/08
95 Drift On Inn Bar & Grill 12611 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-7966 01/15
95 Figaros 18911 Portland Ave 503-656-5556 02/25
95 Happy Rock Coffee Co 465 Portland Ave 503-650-4876 04/13
95 Mcdonalds - Gladstone 820 E Berkeley 503-557-9951 02
95 Mcdonalds - Johnsn Crk 8151 SE Lamphier 503-774-2960 04/08
95 Mcdonalds - Mcloughlin 15870 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-6268 03/10
95 Mcdonalds - Milwaukie 10970 SE Oak 503-659-0979 03/17
95 Milwaukie Luth Church 3810 SE Lake Rd-6097 503-653-0250 02/20
95 Mo Betta Deli 6110 SE King Rd 503-653-5487 04/18
95 Rigoberto's Taco Shop 15855 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-8124 12/18
95 St John The Bapt Chrch 10955 SE 25th Ave 503-654-5449 01/17
95 Subway - Milwaukie 15031 SE Mcloughlin 503-786-1660 03/17
95 Tods Pizza Pit Stop 17254 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-5555 02/25
95 Waterfalls Cafe 12705 SE River Rd 503-652-6330 01/18
96 Cafe Bon Jour 4360 SE Int'l. Way #200 503-697-3242 04/11
96 Dominos Pizza -32nd Av 10586 SE 32nd Ave 503-659-5585 01/15
96 Dottys #10 10812-B SE Oak St 503-786-2516 01/10
96 G G's Delicatessen 15717 Mcnerthney Ent Inc 503-654-2428 01/14
96 Hong Kong 97 6128 SE King Road Suite B 503-786-4567 04/18
96 Larry's Rest. 8081 SE King Rd 503-771-0216 03/10
96 Pete's Lair Tavern 17720 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-1430 03/17
96 St Johns Episc Church 2036 SE Jefferson 503-653-5880 02/20
96 Sushi Kata Japanese Rest 13809 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-0302 12/18
96 Taco Bell #19200 16300 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-8097 02/19

And, these eateries get an honorable mention, for they scored 97-99 points, which means they could not have had a major violation. Not perfect (and, why not, one might ask?) but nothing major:

97 Bo's Pub & Eatery 18650 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-0302 04/11
97 Great Amer Video & Esprsso 6130 SE King Rd 503-794-9573 04/21
97 Happy Cafe 4620 SE Int'l. Way #100 503-654-2488 12/18
97 Main Street Soda Fountain 10909 SE Main St 503-659-7632 03/10
97 Pietro's Pizza 10300 SE Main St 503-659-7770 04/08
98 Burgerville #8 19119 SE Mcloughlin 503-655-3932 03/17
98 Christ The King Parrish 7414 SE Michael Dr 503-659-1475 01/1
98 Dottys #20 1503 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-7221 01/29
98 El Taco Loco 4607 SE Boardmand Ave 503-653-1715 02/27
98 Flying Pie Pizzeria Milwaukie 16691 SE Mcloughlin 503-496-3170 03/10
98 Grove Rest. And Bar, The 15300 SE Mcloughlin 503-653-1930 12/10
98 Hale's Breakfast & Lunch 17502 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-7566 04/22
98 Lucky Lady Deli 16690 SE Mclouglin Blvd 503-786-5165 04/02
98 Milwaukie Cinemas 11011 SE Main 503-653-2222 03/13
98 Oak Grove Coffeehouse 2144 SE Oak Grove Blvd 503-654-4389 03/04
98 Original Philly's 17252 SE Mcloughlin 503-594-0303 02/25
98 Pizza Hut #2857 19640 Mcloughlin 503-722-8834 01/16
98 Providence Milw Hosp 10150 SE 32nd Ave 503-652-8300 04/21
98 Starbucks Coffee #3374 10826 SE Oak St 503-652-7962 01/10
98 Subway - Milw Mktplace 10818A SE Oak St 503-653-2100 02/19
98 Tebos Rest. 19120 SE Mcloughlin 503-655-6333 03/13
98 The Deli 4160 SE Int'l. Way #d10 503-786-9388 03/31
99 Baskin Robbins - Milwaukie 13735 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-2474 04/29
99 Dillinger's Pub Inc. 13305 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-8702 02/14
99 Great Waldo & Peper Warehs 13515 SE Mcloughlin 503-513-4949 01/28
99 Jack In The Box #7123 14811 SE Mcloughlin 503-353-9435 02/14
99 Quizno's 18040 SE Mcloughlin 503-652-1633 01/10
99 Starbucks Coffee #434 14620 SE Mcloughlin 503-659-3653 01/14

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Restaurants of Milwukie, Oak Grove and Gladstone

Best, why? Because they aced their last health department inspection.

Folks, I've worked in public health, and some of the prettiest, cleanest-looking restaurants can be public health menaces. I think these establishments deserve kudos for getting it 100% right.

Tomorrow, I'll post the rest, including the Hall of Shame...

Amis Coffee Buzz 13119 SE Mcloughlin Bl 503-657-4975 03/12
Bally Total Fitness 4330 SE International Way 503-653-0377 01/17
Baskin Robbins 19510 SE Mcloughlin Blvd 503-656-0311 01/16
Bistro Catering 6025 SE Alderhill Loop 503-659-6216 05/14
Clackamas Rvr Racquet Club 790 82nd Drive 503-657-1806 01/22
Desert Inn 14535 SE Mcloughlin 503-654-6380 01/10
Doll House Tea Room, The 3223 SE Risley Ave 503-653-6809 11/28
East Side Athletic Club 4606 SE Boardman 503-659-3845 02/27
Foxy's 15224 SE Mcloughlin 503-353-6885 01/10
Frog Thai Cuisine, The 18601 SE Mcloughlin Bl #b 503-786-8893 12/26
Full Gospel Comm Church 4007 SE Llewellyn 503-774-2663 04/02
Gladstone Senior Center 1050 Portland Ave 503-655-7701 01/30
Gray Gables Estate 3009 SE Chestnut St 503-654-0470 04/02
Happy Restaurant 270 Portland Ave 503-657-4097 04/22
Holly Station 3610 SE Concord 503-724-9896 04/02
J Gelati 3650 Concord Road 503-382-9450 03/10
Jamba Juice - Milwaukie 10814 SE Oak St 503-513-6385 01/10
Joes Place Saloon 4400 SE International Way 503-653-6798 01/24
Kellog Bowl Inc 10306 Main St 503-659-1757 02/21
K-mart Deli #4406 13750 SE Johnson Rd 503-659-6773 04/22
Lew's Drive Inn 14911 SE Mcloughlin Bl 503-654-6648 03/17
Lighthouse 18010 SE Mcloughlin Blvd 503-312-1404 01/08
McQueen's Bar & Grill 14680 SE River Rd 503-736-3308 04/24
Milwaukie Bowl 3056 SE Harrison St 503-654-7719 02/21
Milwaukie Center 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr 503-653-8100 03/05
Milwaukie Christian Church 5197 SE King Rd 503-654-6597 02/20
Milwaukie Elks #2032 13121 Mcloughlin Blvd 503-654-9588 12/28
NCPRD Concession Stand 5440 SE Kellogg Creek 503-654-3030 03/05
Oxford Suites 75 SE 82nd Dr 503-650-0562 03/04
Round Table Pizza 16550 SE Mcloughlin Blvd 503-653-6444 05/01
Spring Creek Coffee House 10600 SE Mcloughlin Bl #105 503-496-5555 02/25
Sully's Cafe 2035 SE Jefferson St 503-786-0285 01/24
Tsunami Cafe 7300 SE Harmony Road 503-659-1756 12/26
Westwood Tan & Beauty 6960 SE Theissen 503-654-8171 03/05

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Safety deposit boxes not safe from the state

Which is a safer place for your valuables: Under the mattress, or in a California safety deposit box?
Be surprised. Very surprised. or

Note that Oregon's safeguards in this area are also weak... and you can check to see if they have taken something of yours at

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We are top officials of the United States Senate Government who are interested in importation of oil into our country with funds that are presently...


Dear Sir

First we must solicit your confidence in this issue. This is by virtue as being utterly confidential and "top secret".

We are SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, the wife of the former United States head of state, PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, and also SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, friend and associate of current head of state PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. We got your contact through business inquiries as we were searching for contacts of a citizen who can help save our and our family's political careers since our country has been frustrating us.

We are top officials of the United States Senate Government who are interested in importation of oil into our country with funds that are presently trapped in the FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND dedicated to improving transportation. We wish to send this money to overseas accounts in the MIDDLE EAST but cannot due to restrictions in Congress Transportation Equity Act requiring that this money must be spent to build roads, bridges and high speed trains.

If you accept we will deliver to your a sum of 30 DOLLARS in the summer 2008 in form of a "GAS TAX HOLIDAY". You will then deliver this money to accounts of our friends in Middle East by taking it to your nearby gasoline station where they have information to forward the money. Please supply your bank account, social security number, address and your vote in DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES AND NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION.

But bear in mind that this transaction requires absolute confidentiality. Do not visit WWW.GASTAXSCAM.COM where there is information about dangers of our proposal and a petition to stop us from this diversion of funds.


Awaiting your rapid response

Yours truly


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Target matches Wal-Mart $4 prescription plan

Target stores just expanded, again, the list of generic drugs it sells for $4/30 day supply, to match the expanded Wal-Mart $4 prescription list. Excellent.

Monday, April 28, 2008

What will $10 / gal gas do to you?

Start thinking, for the cost of fuel is no longer the least expensive item in the cost of your ride.

The cost of fuel will no longer be the cheapest component in the cost of food.

How dependent is your job on cheap transport?

Go do your budget before you vote... and maybe ask your national candidates what they will do to encourage restoration of production in Mexico, Nigeria, and (oh, dare I say it) Iraq?

You'd think oil execs-turned-politicians would make darned sure Iraqi oil production was restored ASAP, if they had our best interests in mind... but, instead, ask your Democratic and Republican federal candidates, Jeff Merkeley, Steve Novick, Earl Blumenauer, Gordon Smith, et al. Ask early, ask often, and send me their responses.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scientific expedition to Oregon quake swarm launches Friday

Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) will launch an expedition to the area of hundreds of recent quakes offshore on Friday. Quakes hundreds of miles offshore, if small, pose no tsunami risk, but when the quakes start exceeding five?

Here's another map link, auto club tips on what to do if you're behind the wheel and a quake hits, and guidance on preparing your disater plan.

Plus, here's a link to multiple stories on the Oregon off-shore quake swarm:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Cos' and his campaign

There's a lot for us to listen to, regardless of our race.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Aghast at the Bush Administration

The Bush Administration may have a concealed internal legal opinion which, at their whim, makes any action of the National Security Agency, by fiat, legal, overruling the Fourth Amendment.   
... our Office recently concluded that the Fourth Amendment had no application to domestic military operations. See Memorandum for Alberto R. Gonzales, Counsel to the President, and William J. Haynes, II, General Counsel, Department of Defense, from John C. Yoo, Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Robert J. Delahunty, Special Counsel, Re: Authority for Use of Military Force to Combat Terrorist Activities Within the United States at 25 (Oct 23, 2001). (emphasis added)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Enhanced Law Enforcement Service District Citizens' Advisory Committee of the Clackamas Co. Sheriff (Part One of ...)

2008-03-06 Enhanced Law Enforcement Service District Citizens' Advisory Committee of the Clackamas Co. Sheriff (Part One of Two)

Opened 18:40 on 3/06 at the Public Safety Training Center by John E. Bartley, Vice-Chair, a tech writer @ Intel who lives on Oatfield Hill above Oak Grove. Absent: Chair Ralph Radmer

1. Introductions

Bill Andrews, lives by Rex Putnam HS
Kristen Buren, Customer Service Rep for Laminations in Wilsonville
Paul Ellison, Bank of the West, Webster & Clackamas
Ron Hinson, Customer Service Mgr for the Estacada branch of BOTW, lives by Clackamas HS
Trish Jorgenson, retired nurse, Maple Lane
Charlie Paul, USAF (Ret.), Miramonte Point
Shelly Radmer, Investigator, lives near 152nd/Sunnyside
Nancy Whitley, retired teacher from Oak Grove

Ex-officio members
Kathleen Stewart, CCSO Administration for 6 yrs & Main staff to committee
Patrol Captain Dave O'Shaugnessey

Brief discussion of roles of chair & vice chair by Kathleen. Chair sets tone of meeting, plans agenda, can assemble letters & speak for the committee. Vice-chair fills in for chair when chair absent.

2. Discussion of 2008 Sheriff's goals

2.1 (Captain Dave O'Shaugnessey) Interviewed for all 14 unfilled patrol officer positions; six or seven are in background checks (six weeks to several months), rest awaiting other requirements or have start dates. 171.5 FTEs allocated including ELED and levy positions. No college requirement for an officer; last week eight interviews were conducted; four had degrees, and three about to graduate from college. Nancy asked about diversity of applicants; Capt. O'S. replied they have; Spanish speakers, Asian, other diverse members.

2.2 Increasing training opportunities for all staff.

Certification agency requires only 84 hrs every 3 years; the CCSO dept std is 40 hrs/yr. All supervisors are trained in crisis intervention including dealing with the mentally ill, and 40 of the deputies also trained. Also sharing training w/ other agencies to share costs.

2.3 Five-year strategic plan; collecting all-employee input before new plan written.

2.4 Work hard to consolidate all staff into one building, very cramped and spread across multiple sites. Want to consolidate all in soon-to-vacate Sunnybrook building (ETA EOY) but civil (required to be in the courthouse), property and special investigations not be consolidated. Will keep the dollar-a-year Shaver building below the County Public Services Complex which was donated by the Feds. County administration not yet approved. Old co. fin plan counted on selling Sunnybrook Building for 5M$ to pay for new Development Services Building, and the county is working on alternatives.

2.5 Open remaining closed jail beds ASAP; 44 remaining just opened. 500 early releases/mo now, this will reduce. New jail needed to eliminate it. Bill commented on War On Drugs as a bad joke.

2.6 Implement inmate work crews as per levy, but will limit to low risk criminals.

2.7 Beginning new design jail construction at current site of Dog Control, ASAP. New podular design will have 880 beds and will staff w/ current jail employees (which only serves less than 500.) Still planning, project management assigned to Capt. Howard.

2.8 Expand CCITF interagency task force, does ton of work on middle- and upper- level criminals, but expect increase in crime in September 2009 when Tri-Met opens Green Line at Town Center. (Ed. note: Tri-Met is unhelpful in addressing concerns.)

2.9 How to use better new staffing from levy; Patrol? Detectives? A full-time crime analyst position was created to watch for crime changes. The department is interviewing the top six candidates within two weeks, with a hire following soon thereafter.

2.10 Relationship between Community Corrections (Parole & Probation, Work Release) now supervised by Co. Administrator) & the CCSO. Decisions of Community Corrections affect what can be done w/ jail resources. Consultant studying now.

2.11 Identify & plan for long term funding; several other counties went to dedicated funding assessment. The CCSO budget was $62M last year, $40M from county general revenue funds, but timber monies are shrinking, which makes more counties shift to general fund sources and consider a dedicated tax assessment just for law enforcement.

Capt. O'Shaugnessy was in a work session w/ Commission last week on creating a county Justice Court (not Community Court, which is similar to a diversion program). Nineteen Oregon counties have 32 Justice Courts for traffic violations, evictions and other landlord-tenant matters, and perhaps code violations. It would increase the county's share of revenue from fines levied, an important financial improvement.

Justice Courts were consolidated into District Courts in the 50s, and in the 90s, District Courts were absorbed into Circuit Courts. Commissioners have authority to establish it, but presiding judge expressed unidentified concerns and then cd not attend the workshop, but judge in Lane Co. (which has a Justice Court) had excellent info. Next step is a month out. Last time it went to commission, one commissioner wanted public input, so all the county's Community Planning Organizations were consulted and all like it.

Now, Commissioner Peterson is new to the commission and needs to be brought up to speed.

Each motor officer writes about 2,000 citations/yr, resulting in 5,000 court appearances with at least 2 hrs off patrol per hearing. A Justice Court would reduce the time motor officers are off patrol and increase service to the public, another of the many advantages of a Justice Court.

3. Surveys: A packet to provide info to the public within the ELED only as well as ask the public their concerns. Dick Jones of the Oak Grove CC did pick some up & had at their 2/20 meeting. Many returns have come back & are ready to compile. (Chair Ralph Radmer arrived). Trish volunteered to compile them and John volunteered to help her with preparing a form to automate the compilation.

4. Patrol: Oregon City plans to annex 166 acres which would remove it from the ELED and Lake Oswego has several single lots to annex as well. Both would remove those properties from the tax base of the ELED. The Commission will consider these annexations at their April 16 public hearing.

A list of categorized calls for service and reported crimes from 1/1/2008 to 10AM today (3/06/200) was distributed. In that period, there were over 9,000 calls for service, resulting in 1,095 reports written.

(Ed. Note: Those reports will be scanned and posted on Clackablog later.)

The new Green Line MAX is due to open in the fall of 2009. The CCSO is concerned more crime at end of the line and the stop preceding is likely, and the department prepares an aggressive plan to discourage crime from the beginning. TriMet says TriMet crime happens on TriMet property, but that excludes crime which led from their property. Gresham, Portland and Hillsboro track crime near TriMet stops, and several years of statistics will help the CCSO understand any changes caused by TriMet-delivered criminals.

(Ed. Note: Sadly, TriMet is not directly responsible to the people, insulated as it is from the electorate by its appointed board.)

Annual incident reports were also provided. Kristin asked for definitions of categories; Capt. O'Shaugnessy noted ORS chapter 160 explains the crime categories. The demarcation between the 99E and 82nd areas is Webster Rd, and 205/Schumacher is the boundary for the Clackamas area.

(Ed. Note: Those reports will also be scanned and posted on Clackablog later.)

5. A revenue forecast was not yet ready for the ELED CAC to consider. Nancy asked what the tax rate is; John noted the original tax rate is reduced by millage caps, a percentage reduction which changes with every change in all assessments as per caps imposted by ballot measures.

6. Election of Chair & Vice Chair for CY2008.

Ralph and John were elected unanimously to serve another term, with no competition or dissent.

7. A free-ranging discussion of possible priorities for the ELED followed, and the perceptions, and misperceptions, of the public. The recurring myth that the ELED does not get what they paid for was dissected, and John explained the cause.

When the ELED was created, a specific goal of (35?) more road deputies was prominent in the original campaign. However, since then, the tax rate caps mandated by statewide ballot measures reduce every tax assessment to fit under the cap, including the ELED tax rate. The people of the ELED are not allowed to pay as much as we need to collect enough to reach that original goal, but the ELED does get what we pay for.

The committee adjourned at 20:10, with the next mtng planned for 18:30 on Thursday 1 May, also in the PTSC unless announced otherwise.

ELED History + Sheriff's Services to cities

Here's a map of the District (requires Adobe Reader; it's 2MB, a long download on dial-up).

The District was approved by voters in the November 1994 general election and became effective July 1, 1995. Its purpose is to increase the level of sheriff's patrols to meet the increased demand of urban Clackamas County. It serves approximately 85,000 residents in the unincorporated areas of Clackamas County within the Urban Growth Boundary, and the city of Johnson City. - From a county press release.

Scroll down to Other Counties in Oregon in this report from Multnomah County for an auditor's perspective on the ELED.

In Clackamas County, cities were invited to join unincorporated areas within the urban growth boundary in the establishment of an Enhanced Law Enforcement District (ELED) with a tax base which supports an additional .5 officers per thousand in addition to the rural level of .5 per thousand. Johnson City and Happy Valley joined the ELED, but Wilsonville chose to continue its contract with the Sheriff.

Also of interest:

The Clackamas County Sheriff has contracts with Estacada and Wilsonville to provide patrol services. The Sheriff's Office reports that no patrol services are provided to these cities free of charge. The cities pay an hourly rate for patrol services which the Sheriff's Office claims is fully costed, including both departmental and County overhead. The current hourly rate for a deputy is $51.84, and for a lieutenant $60.50.

Writing to the County Commissioners

This link, sends an e-mail to all three, using the default e-mail client of your computer. The Commissioner's office may also be reached at phone: 503-655-8581 or by fax at 503-742-5919.

To send a message to only Commissioner Martha Schrader or Commission Vice-Chair Bill Kennemer, put 'Dear Commissioner Schrader' or 'Dear Commission Vice-Chair Kennemer' in the subject line, as per the Commissioner's office with whom I just spoke.

Chair Lynn Peterson has her own posted e-mail address, but uses the same phone and fax numbers.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Casa de Tamales

The current lunch/dinner menu for Casa de Tamales may be found at Dinner there last week found their asparagas tamales, the same as these folks have served at the Farmer's Market for years, to still be very fine.