Friday, March 07, 2008

ELED History + Sheriff's Services to cities

Here's a map of the District (requires Adobe Reader; it's 2MB, a long download on dial-up).

The District was approved by voters in the November 1994 general election and became effective July 1, 1995. Its purpose is to increase the level of sheriff's patrols to meet the increased demand of urban Clackamas County. It serves approximately 85,000 residents in the unincorporated areas of Clackamas County within the Urban Growth Boundary, and the city of Johnson City. - From a county press release.

Scroll down to Other Counties in Oregon in this report from Multnomah County for an auditor's perspective on the ELED.

In Clackamas County, cities were invited to join unincorporated areas within the urban growth boundary in the establishment of an Enhanced Law Enforcement District (ELED) with a tax base which supports an additional .5 officers per thousand in addition to the rural level of .5 per thousand. Johnson City and Happy Valley joined the ELED, but Wilsonville chose to continue its contract with the Sheriff.

Also of interest:

The Clackamas County Sheriff has contracts with Estacada and Wilsonville to provide patrol services. The Sheriff's Office reports that no patrol services are provided to these cities free of charge. The cities pay an hourly rate for patrol services which the Sheriff's Office claims is fully costed, including both departmental and County overhead. The current hourly rate for a deputy is $51.84, and for a lieutenant $60.50.

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