Monday, December 13, 2004

'NoNameCity' legislative delegation opposed to annexation without representation

As we reported earlier, Democrat powerhouse Senator Ginny Burdick opposes democracy, and wants to remove the ability of an unicorporated area to veto its annexation by a more populous city.

Well, letters written to the state legislative delegation serving 'No Name City' (North Clackamas-Jennings Lodge-Oak Lodge/Oak Grove) have borne fruit.

State senator Kurt Schrader opposed the Burdick power grab:
"We agree (with Clackablog: Ed. note). Our office will be introducing a bill to change state law to reflect your concerns and will oppose bills that take away communities' ability to self determination."

State representative Dave Hunt also sided with Schrader:
"Thanks for your note about the proposed annexation bill. I am already working to seriously amend this proposal so it will not adversely affect our community (I live in Jennings Lodge). If we are not successful in amending the bill, I plan to actively fight the bill."

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