Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sprint Class Action filing

Ever use Sprint Long Distance at home, 1997 to 2003? Well, Sprint's been accused of overcharging, and you can file for a $50 or $100 class action claim with this form.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hopefully, not sold by the six-pack

Costco's test-marketing caskets in two Chicago stores. Really.

Given the trend of large chains to buy up small, family-owned funeral parlours and not rebrand them (so you're thinking you're dealing with someone local), looks like a casket company is looking for a marketing channel which buypasses the large-chain's purchasing agent. Good for them, and if you use a non-profit funeral society, good for you.

Friday, August 20, 2004

KOIN - the Rip and Read school of journalism

In a KOIN story slugged Negative Ads Creep Into Mayor's Race, the Emmis-owned corporate news outlet slams both Portland mayoral candidates for what only one did. Furthermore, as pointed out by BiX's excellent analysis, KOIN's story is dead wrong.

Wonder how long it will take them to correct these egregious errors? I sure won't be trusting them for news anytime soon. Make sure to let IR@emmis.com know what you think of quality reportage.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Zip Codes of Clackamas County

Got Zips?

97001 Wildwood
97004 Highland
97004 Beaver Creek, Clarkes, Timber Grove, Upper Highland
97007 Lower Highland
97009 Barton, Boring, Cottrell, Damascus Heights, Kelso
97011 Brightwood
97013 Barlow Dryland, Hamricks Corner, Lone Elder, Macksburg, Mundorf, Needy, New Era, Ninety-one, O'Neil Corners
97015 Clackamas, Damascus, Sunnyside
97017 Elwood, Colton
97022 Bonnie Lure Park, Dover, Eagle Creek
97023 Currinsville, Dodge, Estacada, Faraday, Garfield, George, Paradise Park, Springwater, Three Lynx, Viola
97027 Gladstone
97028 Government Camp
97030 Hillsview
97032 Whiskey Hill, Yoder
97034 Briarwood, Bryant, Cook, Glenmorrie, Ladd, Lake Grove, Lake Oswego, Lakewood, Rivergrove, Skyland, Wilsonia
97035 Lake Oswego
97036 Marylhurst
97038 Dickey Prairie, Fernwood, Gladtidings, Liberal, Marquam, Meadowbrook, Molalla, Shady Dell
97042 Mulino
97042 Union Mills
97045 Clackamas Heights, Fischers Mill, Logan, Park Place, Redland, River Crest, Oregon City
97049 Rhododendron, ZigZag
97055 Alder Creek, Bullrun, Firwood, Marmot, Sandy
97060 Aims
97062 Tualatin
97067 Welches, Wemme
97068 Bolton, Robinwood, Rosemont, Shadowood, Stafford, Sunset, Wankers Corners, West Linn, Willamette
97070 Ladd Hill, Wilsonville
97071 Elliott Prairie, Monitor, Oaklawn
97073 Faubion
97222 Ardenwald, Concord, Fair Oaks, Island Station, Milwaukie, Robertson, Waverly Heights, Westwood, Wichita, Willsburg Junction
97236 Happy Valley
97242 Battin
97266 Southgate
97267 Ashdale, Jennings, Johnson City, Oak Grove
97268 Oak Grove

Friday, August 13, 2004

Bike rental system is success in UK; why not here?

This system for bicycle rental on demand, if a private partner could be found to develop it, could be a practical successor to the ill-fated 'yellow bike' experiment in the reduction of full-sized automobile traffic.

This would be especially popular if 'pedelec' E-bikes (you must start pedalling before the electric motor will assist) were to be offered. Since they already have interfaces for charging, adding a circuit to the meter/reporting system to prevent a successful 'return' of the bike until it's plugged back in would be simple.

Tri-Met transit centers, MAX stops and Park-and-Rides would be naturally successful locations, as would the downtown Portland Transit Mall.

Your comments on the concept would be appreciated.

Sent on 2004-08-13 to:
Secretary of the Board of Directors of Tri-Met
Director of Portland Office of Transportation
Portland office of Flexcar.com

Responses, if any, posted here.