Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Puddletown Blogger Nails ID Thieves at Red Lion

Oh, this is worthy. A Portland blogger is notified of identity theft in progress,and despite the proximity of Portland Police to doughnut stands throughout the city, manages to get the thieves collared at the Red Lion in Lloyd Center. Sweet.

Then, as I peruse the responses (including the /. postings), I see a SYT note she's concerned, 'cuz her mailbox does not lock. Folks, there ain't no excuse to having insecure mail... just go to Ace Hardware or some other emporium of Home Defense Hardware, and get a locking mail box, or a mailslot.

Oh, yes... from the
if it's important to Oregon, you'll read about it in the Seattle Times department: A part-time Lake Oswego library clerk was busted for selling library books on the web.

Free-lance socialism is everywhere... but, then, the Legislature is in session.

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