Friday, September 29, 2006

Oak Lodge Community Council Notes 3 of 3

8PM - Discussion continues

Jim Knapp is the new treasurer of the water board, and Dick Jones now chairs the water board. Jim noted McLoughlin down by Vinyard and the Big Five store will be resurfaced next year, may do pipeline work then.

The district has a big snow pack, much water available, much better than other districts who must promote conservation. Water not sold for revenue goes down the river, and sinc ewe're the 2d to last outfall, no one else takes it today. Tigard, last inlet, will likely take more in the future. We have a program to use when we are in drought condition.

Dick - moving land from irrigated ag to residences reduces water use. The Clackamas River is spring-fed, well above the minimum flow and of great quality. Can coordinate with PGE for their TImothy Lake hydro reservoir if needed.

Ken Squires: Sanitary sewer master planning method working towards a conclusing, Adv cmte meet here next Thiursday to rehearse for New Urban HS openhouse 7-9PM on October 19th. Encourage community at large to participate and give feedback to the 17 member CAC regarding goals values and how to implement long tewrm start in best way possible.

Construction is underway on Park Ave from River Rd to near McLoughlin, work funded in coop with Clackamas Co and with a Community Development Block Grant; only cost $190,000, instead of 290,000 without cooperation and outside funding.

Awarded Cedar Ave and River Rd crossing projects. Bids higher than anticipated (change from 5-6 yrs norm of $60/' to about $85/'). Have not yet started a project to study (the artificial) Riverforce Lake and storm drainage under Clean Water Act requirements into the Willammette. Studies take through winter into next summer, will then know how lake functions and how it affects storm water management.
Bush Admin requirement that wetland be attached to ocean or stream will ikel be challenged in court. Note: A fill permit required if > 50 cu yds.

Jim Knapp will present proposals from his CAC for Clackamas Co Service District sewage treatment options to commissioners tomorrow at 10AM, for their consideration. Despite many obstacles, the CAC is unanimous in its recommendations. One abstemption made explicit, on the basis of the report not having been made available for reading until five minutes ago. Passed 14-0-4.


Henry Schmidt, Leonard Walden and Dick Jones visited properties today.

Z689-06 4021 SE Risley; added to split property <20,000' in R-10 zone. County staff denied waiver. Hearings officer approved a subsequent appeal. A neighbor was concerned because sidewalk would take away from road space where it's needed for school bus load/unload safety; Dick Jones sent photos, along with code enforcement issues, as a safety concern. Approved, 15-0-2.

Z0678-06/Z0679-06 17393 SE Walta Vista. Regrade & repair a pathway, add a ramp on private property at private expense, within the Willamette Greenway. Riprap needed to hold back bank, path will allow tractor access to mitigate erosion and access to cut weeds; right now, it's a goat path. Approved, no dissent or abstention.

Z0654-06, 4025 SE View Acres, part R-8.5 & part R-10 with dwelling now there that's compliant w/ R-8.5 requirements. A sidewalk is proposed outside of the current paved road, although a sidewalk is not always required for new construction. Approved 17-0-1.

Z0715-06 15525 SE River Forest Dr. New deck over old structure of some kind, above hundred year flood plan. Prior issue when remodel desired. Some kind of deck already there, and since composite material is used, likely the requested deck has already been built. Approval with request to county to enforce any relevant fine provision, carried with two abstaining.

Z0718-06 15223 SE River Forest Dr. County approval is required before Corps of Engineers approval to build dock may be sought. Approved, one abstained.

LAST MEETING'S MINUTES Approved with no objection.

Milo Haas is out of St Vincent's after extended hospital stay.

Trolley Trail: Can now walk from the old boat to Oak Grove Blvd, with gravel added soon from the park district. Last section quite walkable. The semi-truck driver who parks there sometimes will be addressed later. Oak Grove School will host a design open house on Wed the 18th of October.

On October 11th, we will have a pre-election forum with three candidates for the county commission (David Dodd, Larry Sowa and Lynn Peterson) and discussion of four ballot measures (including 26-80 from Metro, 3-221 from the soil and water conservation district, 3-229 from North Clackamas Schools, and 3-246, the sheriff's public safety operating levy).

A LUBA appeal not filed on time regarding Dr. Anderson's property on Concord, but Dick Jones suspected a price adjustment was made.


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