Monday, October 16, 2006

Community events this week

Several events of importance to us occur in the week ahead. On Tuesday 17th 7 PM is Oak Lodge Sanitary’s Open House where they will share their Master Plan. The Open House will be held at the New Urban High School 1905 SE Oak Grove Blvd. You should have received a flyer advertising this event. When things are going to happen each of us needs get involved.

On Wednesday the 18th 6 PM at Oak Grove School on Torbank will be the Trolley Trail Design Open House. This will give us the opportunity to review survey maps, aerial photos, the 2004 Master Plan and learn about the next steps in trail design needed before construction can occur.

On Thursday the 19th the Three Bridges on the Springwater Trail will be dedicated. This will take place at SE 19th and Ochoco at 10:30 AM.

One last item John Bartley has posted on his web site: the following. We as OLCC members should help him in this great endeavor.

Companies build stores with them. The USN uses them (modified with lights, ventilation) to house crew on ships. You can buy them outfitted as bunkhouses and as offices. Architects study how to use them for housing, which is increasingly common. Washington schools use them to house disaster supplies. I could go on about how they're becoming ubiquitious.

They're popping up all over the county, as we heard at the last Oak Lodge CPO meeting. And, the county has no ordinance or regulation about where they can be used in residential neighborhoods.

They're intermodal shipping containers, a system fifty years old, and we're going to see a lot more of them around home.

E-Mail me your pictures of shipping containers you find in the county, along with the time and location you took the picture. I'll make them a Flikr stream, put them all on a Google map, and once assembled, suggest the county consider looking at the issue of where they can be placed and how they can be used.

John’s E-mail address is (at the top of this web page).

Have a nice day,
Dick J

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