Monday, December 18, 2006

Special Oak Lodge Community Council meeting

A message from the chair of the Oak Lodge Community Council:
We need a special meeting to consider several items. A tentative agenda is below. The time and place is: 7 PM Wednesday December 20th at Oak Lodge Fire Station.
Thanks and have a nice week,
Dick J

Special meeting
December 20, 2006
7 PM Oak Lodge Fire Station
Agenda: Land Use issues for action

Z0695-04 Applicant requests a one year extension to complete the work required to file the completion of this 3-lot partition. It is located at 14420 Upper Aldercrest Dr.

Z0933-06 A request for a temporary permit to allow an otherwise prohibited use in an MR-1 zone. The temporary permit would allow continued use of a single family dwelling. This is at 14014 Linden Ln.

Z0935-06 This is 7-lot minor subdivision at 5215 Roethe Rd. It is on 1.52 acres and has both R8.5 and R10 zoning.

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