Saturday, June 06, 2009

A letter to the county

Subject: Questions regarding Environmental Health and restaurant inspection data
Date: Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 13:53
To: martifra@co:clackamas:us
Cc: webmstr@co:clackamas:us

As I was doing my round-up on restaurant inspections on Clackablog, I noted a discrepancy. There were two inspections on the same day at the same location, Rigoberto's. The attached snapshot shows them, one with a score of 85 and the second with a score of 100. Neither is shown as a reinspection. Is there a data entry error here?

Also, you may wish to ask your webmaster to fix the missing link for contact for Environmental Health. If you go to then click on the link titled Environmental Health, it should take you to but the corresponding location #eh on that web page is missing.

However, thank you for making sure this data is publicly available. It would be a significant public benefit, IMHO, if the public could click through to see each inspection result's detail, but that can wait until another day.

73s and best regards from John Bartley K7AAY PDX OR USA

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