Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday benefit for stolen food cart

The bar code at right is a QR Code which automatically loads a calendar event into your smartphone (Android-Apple-Blackberry-Treo et al.), and this event is a good idea. Oregonlive details Saturday's upcoming benefit for the owners of a foot cart which was abducted, vandalized, and dumped in an unusable state. It's at their cart pod,, 4921 SE Division. Vendors include:
Jazzy’s Barbeque – Old-fashioned BBQ
Azul Tequila Mexican Taqueria – the stolen cart that needs rebuilding
Vagabond Cafe – Ethiopian/Indian/Bento
fon-due-it – on-the-go fondue
Chicken Run – Thai
Coffee Can Cafe – coffee/tea
Off The Griddle – solar powered veggie burgers
Bayou FixinsCajun
Over The Topwild game burgers
Shut Up And EatHungarian/Italian
We Be WeinersHotdogs/Corndogs/Chilidogs
Southwestern Pizza Company – Pizza
Om Nom Nom... – Gourmet Sandwiches
The Deadliest Catch FishermanSeafood

Elk burgers. Yum yum yum.

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