Wednesday, April 06, 2011

We Should Get a Vote on Urban Renewal - Petition Signature Gathering Process

More people are needed to help gather signatures in the  Vote on Urban Renewal - Petition Signature Gathering Process.

John Williams Jr., one of the chief petitioners, will be happy to answer any of your questions along this line.  You can contact John via email at or by phone at: (503) 657-2868

If you aren’t necessarily interested in gathering signatures but just want to sign the petition, stop by the entrance to the Gladstone DMV building at 10 82nd Avenue.  Laurie Grooman is there with petitions most weekdays from about 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To be successful, a campaign like this also requires monetary donations for signs, literature, etc. Donation details can be found on the website:

Once enough valid signatures are turned in to the County Elections office a measure will be placed on a future ballot that, if passed, would require a vote of the people in Clackamas County on the creation of future County Urban Renewal Districts and their related Tax Increment Financing schemes (URD/TIF).  Currently the County Commissioners have the authority to create a Clackamas County Urban Renewal District and to issue bonds to fund their pet projects without a vote of the people.  That includes the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project!  

Requiring a vote on money issues seems to be the only recourse we, the Public, have to voice our opinion now days.  Step up to the plate, people, and assist with the signature gathering process, give a donation and also thank those who have had enough courage to take a stand directly in front of the TRAIN.

Feel free to forward this email to other interested people. 

Here are the Technical Ballot Title Details of the Petition:

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