Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tie an orange ribbon 'round your wrist, and see..

I'm no Hairy Red, but this story of outwitting government censorship in the Ukraine deserves a song. Are there any lyricists here?

In a Sign of the Times, Ukrainian TV Interpreter Makes Bold On-Air Move
Ms. Dmytruk, Refusing to Stand Mute On Election, Calls Coverage 'a Lie'

November 29, 2004; Page A1 (paid subscription required)


So Ms. Dmytruk, 47 years old, adopted guerrilla tactics to break the information blockade. Conspiring with her makeup artist, Ms. Dmytruk tied an orange ribbon inside her sleeve. Orange is the color of Mr. Yushchenko's campaign, and of the spreading protest movement that many Ukrainians now call the Orange Revolution. Then after interpreting the news broadcast for the deaf on Nov. 25, Ms. Dmytruk bared her wrist. "Everything you have heard so far on the news was a total lie," she says she told viewers in sign language. "Yushchenko is our true president. Goodbye, you will probably never see me here again."
Government interference at state TV, and at the two other major national channels, employees say, had become so prevalent in recent years that the entire script of news programs was often written by the presidential administration, and not by the journalists themselves. The two other channels are privately owned, but until recently have been reluctant to challenge the government. {snip}

More at this Ukrainian blog.

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