Thursday, May 19, 2005

Beware of this scam

Dan Bradley, Manager of Oak Lodge Water has given the following to the media, and to Dick Jones, who passed it on to me. I added more facts, and hope you will pass it on to your friends and neighbors.

Oak Lodge Water District (OLWD) crews placed signs to tell residents of main flushing and valve exercising. Some signs have fliers on them, which explain some possible results of flushing mains on customer plumbing,

About fifty fliers were on a sign board on Tuesday, May 10. All but one were gone when that board was checked on Friday, May 13.

Portland police department heard (on Thursday, May 12) that three men who claimed they are with Tri-County Water, used the flier to talk their way into citizen’s houses. There is no 'Tri-County Water' in the Metro area.

Six known incidents include theft of cash; one lady had her dresser drawers and medicine cabinet gone through. The OLWD has heard of this occurring in Milwaukie, SW Portland, Vancouver and Seattle.

These impersonators are not water provider employees. Do not let them into your homes. Call the Oak Lodge Water District at 503-654-7765, or 911, if someone from 'Tri-County Water' asks you about anything.

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