Sunday, May 08, 2005

Wednesday at 7PM: May Citizens, Informed and Aware meeting Inbox

MAY 11, 2005
7:00 p.m.

The Oak Lodge Community Council monthly CIA (Citizens, Informed and Aware) meeting will be held at 7 PM Wednesday May 11, 2005 at Rose Villa, 13505 SE River Rd.

We will have updates from the two Oak Lodge services with the highest customer satisfaction rating, libraries and drinking water.

Librarian Doris Grolbert will talk about the level of service we will have with the new County budget. She will share ways we can show additional support for our Library. Dan Bradley, manager of the Oak Lodge Water District, will update us on water issues since his last visit in January. There will be time for your questions.

Everyone is invited and questions will be welcomed. Parking is available along River Road and in the parking lot on Torbank.

Remember: Decision-makers only know what we are thinking if we speak up.

If you have questions call 503.654.2613 or E-mail Bulldogjones {at] prodigy [dot} net

Oak Lodge Community Council members: We have several land use to review following the meeting.