Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blue Oregon tries soooooooooooooooooo hard..

Had to chime in on a couple of Blue Oregon posts today.

First, an alleged 'civil engineer' sorta kinda sets up a straw man and poses a misleading arguement about roadway construction and maintenance costs in a discussion of area transit problems.

Since Clackamas County taxpayers are the red-headed child of TriMet, receiving much less service than we pay for, we do have to be diligent in quashing the FRNs (Frelling Rail Nuts) who expect the MAX to solve all our transit problems. That's the MAX which will never run within five miles of my house.


Then, another story takes aim at nuclear power, but one respondent employed the time-tested READY-FIRE-AIM methodology of the World Wrong Web, reversing the chronology of the Trojan Shutdown. Revisionist history ain't a meritorious debate tool, so that had to be challenged.

In the process, the boogeyman of Yucca Mountain arose once more. Folks, we have high level radwaste we could burn, for power, using reactor designs which minimize proliferation risks. Here's the facts, folks.

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