Wednesday, June 22, 2005

[Civitas] The world is run by those who show up - Oak Lodge Community Council meeting tonight

Agenda for Wednesday's Oak Lodge Community Council meeting, courtesy of Dick Jones.

June 22, 2005
Oak Lodge Sanitary District offices at 14611 SE River Road (cross street Oak Grove Boulevard), Oak Grove, Oregon.

7:00 PM -- Call to Order: Dick Jones, Chairperson

ROLL CALL: Bill Bader, Bill Brown, Wilma Brown, Frank Budwill, Sue Conachan, Edith Coulter, Rosemary Crites, George Dietz, Jerry Foy, Bryn Gillem, Chuck Gode, Milo Haas, Thelma Haggenmiller, Richard Holmes, David Jelinek, Dick Jones, Jim Knapp, Elinor Kuhns, Bill Neels, Elaine Neels, Chuck Petersen, Margaret Pritchard, Paul Savas, Eugene Schoenheit, George Schneider, Kent Squires, Julie Stanley, Dr. Elton Storment, Bob Waldt, Leonard Waldemar, Roy Wikman and Doug Woods.

7:02 PM – Introduction of Attendees: Name, area of residence and position in the Oak Lodge Community Council, if any.

7:05 PM – Council Reports: Oak Lodge Community Council meeting: Approve the May 25, 2005 meeting minutes, followed by Treasurer’s Report (Sue Conachan).

7:10 PM – Sheriff’s Report – Lt. Chuck Slaney

7:20 PM – District Reports

Clackamas County Fire District #1 – James Nowlin
Oak Lodge Water District – Jim Knapp
Oak Lodge Sanitary District – Kent Squires

8:00 PM – Land Use Issues for Voting

Introduction of procedures by Chairperson. Eligibility for Voting, Time Limits, presentations by those in favor, the Council’s on-site review and those opposed.

(Editor's note: You can click on the link titled Check/Research Permits and enter any of the "Z" numbers below in the following web page labeled By Permit Number and get more details about each case - Clackablog.)

Z0388-05 The applicant is seeking to partition an undersized parcel into three lots. It is located at 2009 SE Courtney Rd. This parcel is 29,144 sq. ft. and is zoned R-10.

Z0358-05 This a 5 lot subdivision of two adjacent parcels. Theses parcels are located at 14722/14732 SE Rupert Dr., contains 1.08 acres and is zoned R-7.

Z0407-05 This a request for a variance from the rear setback of 20 feet to 10 feet to allow enlargement of the master bedroom. The parcel is at 1250 SE River Forest Lane on .95 acres and is zoned R-10.

Z0408-05 This is a request to partition into two parcels .59 acres zoned R-7 at 15115 SE East Av.

Z0423-05 Permission to build a 6,200 sq. ft. in the Willamette Greenway at 13140 SE Laurie.

8:45 PM – Land Use Issues for Discussion

Z0235-05 This is an appeal of the Oliver Rose Industrial Park on Vineyard Rd (see top of page 2). The County staff approved this application before transportation data had been supplied by the applicant.

Z0155-05 This is an appeal by both the Oak Lodge Community Council and the applicant, RFD, LLC. The Hearings Officer will hear this appeal at 10:45 AM on June 30th. (See third item on this page.)

8:50 PM General Matters for Discussion

Trolley Trail update (Thelma)

Meeting Announcements (Thelma)


Council meetings: July 27, August 24, and September 28, 2005.

OLCC/CIA at Rose Villa unless otherwise noted: July 13, August 10, and September 14, 2005.

Special meetings, if required to vote on land use issues, will be held in conjunction with the monthly CIA meeting normally on the second Wednesday of each month.

9:00 PM – Meeting Adjourns.

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