Thursday, June 30, 2005

[State] Oregon Stupidity Tax: Greed Is Not Always Good

The agency of the State which manages the picking of the pockets of folks who ain't quite bright enough to figure out house odds, is engaged with a little gamesmanship in a battle of wits with the Nevada gambling magnate and owner of the chain of 26 Dottie's Deli casinos, errr, 'stores'.

The Oregonian reports today those 26 stores, which took over $26 million from the pockets of foolish Oregonians last fiscal year, don't like the new, 15%-lower payouts to merchants, a consequence of the state trying to get $60 million more this year. So, the schmendrick is suing. Of course.

Last fiscal year, $577 million was taken from below-average Oregonians. Gee, is it any wonder the state has little interest in making sure Johnny can do simple math when he leaves high school? If you know what's going on, it's tougher for the state to pick your pocket.

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