Thursday, June 23, 2005

[Wal-Mart] Wal-Mart Opposition

Community folks have put up a web site to help those who oppose the proposed Ardenwald-Eastmoreland-Sellwood Wal-Mart just north of the county line, at Umatilla and McLoughlin, which maps it into the People's Republic of Portland, where Goodwill used to be (photo below courtesy Read about it in the Oregonian.

Me, I think it will probably nuke what's left of the struggling downtown of Milwaukie. Just wander the streets and think about which, of those stores, Wal-Mart doesn't sell against.

Low-low prices on imported Chinese junk will leave bars, restaurants, gas stations, banks, the mayor's garage and Dark Horse. Oh, yeah, the movie theater, until cheap Wal-Mart DVD rentals kills it off, too.

Sam Adams' blog
is rife with commentary on the subject.

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