Friday, July 08, 2005

[Health] Physician, Heal Thyself: Tigard Doc & RN indicted for fake Botox scams

Hundred of folks were been shot up with fake Botox by an unscrupulous Tigard doc and nurse who bought cheap knock-off drugs instead, says the Statesman-Journal and the Lake Oswego Review. They've got a date in US District Court now, with 53 counts named in the indictments, after a January raid by the feds. The Oregonian adds:
Federal authorities say what Lentini and his nurse, Cathryn Garcia, actually used in treating hundreds of patients was an unapproved form of botulism toxin, some of it made in China and imported from a middleman in Turkey.
And, here's a class-action lawsuit in the making, in the event there's any of the hundreds of thousands of dollars made from the alleged scheme left.

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