Tuesday, July 12, 2005

[Wal-Mart] Milwaukie Mayor Opposed, in letter to Portland Mayor Potter

"A Wal-Mart at Tacoma and McLoughlin would drain the life out of our downtown core, as Wal-Marts have done all across this country," is the formal written response to a proposed Wal-Mart on the site of the old Goodwill & the old Mill End Store, sent to Portland's mayor by Milwaukie's mayor, Jim Bernard.

The Oregonian story also notes:
In his letter, Bernard said Milwaukie has been trying to rebuild its downtown and north industrial areas and hopes to bring a full-service grocery store to the central business district. He said allowing a Wal-Mart to build a grocery in that area would be a major blow to the city's efforts.

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