Saturday, July 09, 2005

[Justice] Judicial Math Error?

Sixteen years ago, Clackamas County was recognized as a leader in home detention via electronic monitoring of offenders.

How ironic is it, then, that the new sheriff can't expand this program, as recommended by the 2005 Grand Jury Correctional Facility Inspection Report, because of a county court order described in this Oregonian article.
It costs the county $20 an inmate to monitor them on home detention, compared with $95 an inmate to hold them in the county jail.


OK. Here's the Sheriff's plan:

76 jail beds to close, which cost $95 per day to operate = $7,220/day.

Double, from 40 to 80, the non-violent offenders monitored by this system, which would cost $800/day.

Where would that difference of $6,420/day, or two-point-three million dollars a year go?

Sounds to me like even more home detention, backed up with more sheriff's deputies on road patrol, might be beneficial.

PS: The 'County Court', as misnomered in the articles quoted above, is actually the Fifth Circuit Court of the State of Oregon. Phone numbers are listed here and the judges are listed here, county by county, in alphabetic order.

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