Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Click - Buzz - Click, Part Three

Last week, I'd described how I carefully picked a hot tub repair company, and the preliminary results.

Well, since Friday, when the tech completed the repair, the hot tub has had an internal breaker trip once, but otherwise has worked well. One additional component which was visibly failing (a pressure switch, a safety mechanism in the control pack to keep from burning out the heater element if the water ain't flowing) also needed repair, which the tech handled on the spot (good; dripping water into the electrics is generally seen as bad).

So, I'm reasonably certain the job was done well, and without the complication of the unanticipated failed part (which could not be tested for, until the pump was replaced), it would have been under the estimate cost. So, one Attaboy to Hot Water Doctors / Spa Outlet.

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