Friday, April 08, 2005

If It Matters to Oregon, The Washington Post Says It's In Willamette Week

Robert MacMillan, a Washington Post Tech columnist, acknowledges they got scooped on an Oregon story by Willamette Week (page down to Online: It's Where the News Is), in describing WW getting the first Pulitzer for a story broken on-line (the Governor Molester saga).
Jacquiss and the Willamette Week deserve kudos for recognizing the value of the Web and using it to help ensure that the Willamette Week -- and not the daily Portland Oregonian -- broke the news first.
And, if you just drove up the Five last week, the official slogan of Oregon's newspaper of record is "If it matters to Oregon, it's in the Washington Post", which denotes the peculiarity of a large out-of-town-ownership daily newspaper and its aversion to break important news about Oregon.

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