Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Click - Buzz - Click, Part Two

Left a message for Spa Outlet, Saturday, but no callback from service on Monday.

I call them Monday, and they knew of the message (but why not call back?)

They send out a tech (let's call him 'D') who arrives shortly before 4PM and diagnoses problem as a stuck pump, and can't clear it on the spot. He says completion would depend on part availability, which he can't determine that day, and that he'll call me back next day shortly after his 9:30 meeting completes.

Well, the next day (today), he doesn't call back, so I call shortly at 10:53 AM... and get voice mail (!). Call again at 11:16 AM, get a woman I'll call 'K', who takes a message.

'D' calls back at 11:58 AM, and says he's sorry for not calling back. He says he does have the part, but does not know he he can get here today, and promises to have the scheduler call back. She does not, so I call at 4:14PM, and get 'K' again. She sounds exasperated at me (the customer) for calling, and says 'D' only told her about an hour ago of his promise to have her call.

She wants to book a return visit Wednesday afternoon, and when I start to explain my schedule will not permit it, interrupts me to tell me to explain (?) I do explain I'd been up front several times about what days would work and what would not, starting with Saturday's call, so she says she'll 'keep the call open' until I can call back with a better time.

I call back, and book the next appointment for Friday afternoon at 3:30. Stay tuned....

UPDATE Thursday

"K" calls back and confirms the appointment, in a professional manner. There May Be Hope, After All. Stay tuned.

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