Sunday, April 10, 2005


The official press release detailing 43's visit to Florida seems somewhat at odds with the version reported in Doonesbury. How does one reconcile the difference?

43 was addressing the issue of Social Security, yet the problem seems very small, when compared to Medicare's funding woes, and of other real threats to the American People. Just take a look at this calculator to see what the current plans for change would do for you.

Meanwhile, Discovery Channel debuts an excellent documentary on Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Ranier today, as well as another good doc on tsunamis. Those are real and present dangers, which are horribly underfunded, as is North American border security.

When you visit the Oregon Coast, make sure to keep your eyes open for the evacuation route signs, or, better yet, plan your escape route with those maps before you leave home, and maybe even pick your place to stay based on its safety in the event of.... because if you need evacuation plan knowledge, you'll need it in a hurry, right?

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